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quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2009

"Running to Fly" - de Florbela de Castro

There’s a girl in a wild forest running away
She´s scared because the night is killing the day.
Naked trees, brown leaves lying on the mossy ground
The wind whispers in her ears like a deafly sound.
Ashy clouds born in the azure sky
And some birds begin to fly.
Her head is gracefully crowned with beautiful flowers
But it will be dead and gone in a couple of hours.
The wind grows along in a terrible hiss
Scraping softly her face in a coldly kiss.
Frozen leaves strike against her ivory skin
And the trees branches are transfiguring like a human being.

She’s alone, she’s afraid; she keeps running, so lost
But suddenly her soul is possessed by an early frost.
With the fear, her tiny feet refuse to walk
Because rending the sky is a ferocious hawk.
The girl screams so high and starts to run
And her face turns pale like a scattered sun.
She prays so hard with her breast in fire
Because she already imagined her into a funeral pire.
Her ebony hair is full of dust
Which got into her eyes and she couldn’t ride so fast.
A root of a tree end this wild race
She falls on the grass and covers her face
She covers her face and wishes to die
And feeling so unhappy she begins to cry.

Suddenly a strange man appears in the place
His hair is halo gold and he has a tender face.
The man stared near by and looks around
He sees her… His heart has a big beat:
-There’s an Angel on the ground!


Imagem autoria : Howard David Jonhson

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