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quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

"An Angel Inside"- De Florbela de Castro

By a mistery of fate

I met an angel,

An Angel on Earth,

That contemplates Nature.

He has an hidden light

That grows inside himself.

I don’t understand why,

When I am with you,

Why my hearts beats

And my legs turn weak.

Then I think to myself

Maybe there’s some mistake.

When I looked into your eyes

There was a flash, I realize

A debt in our lifes.

This meeting was a blessing from Sky.

In spite of all

You give me Salvation

Your friendship and attention

Either if you love me or not.

And I look the stars above

Mother Mary says to me:

-“Girl, You’ve got to save him!

Heal him with God Energy!

You have to believe in love

And with faith you’ll also be free!”

I look at the mirror

I don’t want to love anymore!

I want to run away,

To get away from this pain!

I don’t choose this feeling inside

Tears fall down from my eyes

Is this a curse from fate?

Baby, I don´t know what to say!

In spite of everything

I close my eyes

And I’m in heaven

And there love isn’t forbidden

Just only in my head.

Thought I’d shut down my heart

But when I see you, angel

I feel I’m falling apart!

Master Jesus says to me:

-“Love him and your souls will be saved from the dark!”

It’s a mistery of life

That I’m in love with you

But I am standing on my feet

Even if I get down on my knees.

When I’m in touch with you

I’m all pure, I cannot lie!

It’s such a feeling inside!

Baby, I love your light!

When I’m with you

I don’t have fears

You make me laugh to tears!

But when I am alone

My mind mix all my thoughts

And Lady of Love says to me:

“- you feel love that you deny!

But your heart cannot lie!

Don´t sheat yourself!

This love is no damnation.

Girl, it’s your salvation!

Darling it´s no curse

It’s only a design from heaven!

And if you love this angel

So help him to be happy on Earth!

15 Março 2010

Imagem : Angels in Love (Photo-art from Desktopnexus)

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