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quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2009

"The Fallen Angel" - de Florbela de Castro

I want to fly with an angel
With a gentle breeze of white
To love him during the day
And adore him in the night.
I want to fly with an angel
With a golden halo in his face
To pass through valleys and prairies
Searching… So far away, for another place.
We pray at the top of the hills
´Till our minds reach the sky
Dreaming with meadows and fields
´Till one of our bodies begins to die.
We are standing by the moonlight shadow
Breaking away a wall of silence
Singing a song of love and freedom
Waiting for the break of the dawn
-Let´s glorify the mountains of green!
We will follow the sun across the sea
And ear the waves crying with me
What kind of world we are living?
Now, I ear little birds singing songs on the trees
And there are the most beautiful flowers that I’ll never see
In this world, except for the Holy Eden
But then, I will have to fly to reach heaven…
-We shall not be haughty in this never ending sky!
I look above to the rainbow
After the first morning-twilight
But none feeling inside me will grow
´Cause there´s nothing more divine than a silvery night
So, I turned my eyes beyond the pale
And I see tiny babies, lying in cotton clouds
Waiting to tell me a tale
Speaking to me in a softly and loud tone.
Amazed, I walk but my legs turned weak
I no longer have wings and feathers I’ve to pick up
The dolphins laughed delighted
Dropping pollen from their hands
“Find the Fallen Angel!” they said, politely
And then, they began to fade away, for other lands.
I took of, all the sudden
Flying over a diamond river
Crossing the violet heaven
With my feathers trembling and shivering
I looked down to a well
Magic like one of a fairy tale
I came down as closer as I can tell
And I saw an image reflected on the water
An angel is what I saw
“Who is it?” I asked myself
Is it you?
No… it´s me.


Autoria da imagem: Rowena Morrill

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